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Vote Atiku come 2019, he has the Vision and Mission to eradicate poverty and provide empowerment in Nigeria like our NGO – DG Say Yes To My Needs urge members

The Director General Say Yes To My Needs Int’l Foundation Mr. Francis Pember a.k.a Wakawaka, today at the Say Yes To My Needs head office in Abuja, urged the members of his NGO to vote in favor of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar in the fourth coming general elections to be held February 2019, because he has the same vision and mission with Say Yes To My Needs Int’l Foundation (MEDDA) Project Nationwide, which is to eradicate poverty and provide empowerment in Nigeria by developing Human capacity.

Speaking with a SYTOMN NEWS Reporter the DG said “going through the ATIKU ABUBAKAR 2019 POLICY DOCUMENT i felt like some part of me is refreshed and like a part of the burden on my shoulder have been lifted off and i asked myself ‘could this be the beginning of a new era in the history of democracy in Nigeria? Where one of the most pressing and challenging issues of poverty and empowerment will mark it end?’ because he has the same mission and vision with our NGO!”  Which he pointed out accordingly.

First of all in the INTRODUCTION and BUILD THE ECONOMY OF OUR DREAM outline His Excellency Atiku Abubakar quotes “Nigeria can deliver. Nigeria can surpass its own growth expectations. Nigeria can realize beyond its dreams. Our pledge to Nigerian people is: WE CAN GET NIGERIA WORKING AGAIN!”,“ Our vision is to transform Nigeria into a modern economy that works for its people and capable of taking its rightful place among  the top 20 economies in the world. My economy policy will be job-centered especially for our teeming youth population”. His Excellency went on the introduction to unravel the UNRAVEL THE NIGERIAN PARADOX that says ‘Despite its vast resources, Nigeria has failed to deliver the development and living standards that the Nigerian people expect or demand’ and also STITCHING NIGERIA’S STRUCTURAL FAULT LINES ‘Nigeria’s under-performance is attributable largely to the many economy and political structural fault lines that limits its ability to sustain growth, create jobs and achieve real poverty reduction’.


  1. PROMOTE THE NEW ECONOMY by building a knowledge based Economy, and one of the ways to do this is by PRODUCING A COMPREHENSIVE POLICY ON BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND CRYPTOCURRENCIES which we recently introduced and urged members to partake in under our investment platforms.

Secondly, some of the top priorities on the OUR PRIORITIES outline are as follows;

  1. 1. JOB CREATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT with an overview of Unemployment for women and young people at 33%, 70% of unemployed youths are uneducated and unskilled and Creating jobs and economic opportunities for these people will be vital both reducing the pool of easy recruits for violent groups and reducing underlying grievances that feed the conflict. And also with an objective policy to Partner with the private sector to identify high-demand skills for skills acquisition and vocational and entrepreneurial training, with a plan to launch a new, more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable national entrepreneurship development and job creation programme and he quotes

 “Our Youths are our most valuable resources… and charting new frontiers. There entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and creative abilities are things of pride and should be applauded, encouraged and nurtured … I should know, I have thousands of them working for me all over the country…”

  1. POVERTY ALLEVIATION AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT– Nigeria is rated as one of the poorest and most unequal countries in the world, with more than 80 million of the country’s 190 million or more than 40% of the population living below poverty line, unless we act fast Nigeria together with Democratic Republic of Congo will be home to 40% of the world’s extremely poor people.

“Poverty does not simply have one solution; rather it require the concerted application of many solutions. Nigeria has vast natural resources, but our challenge remains harnessing these resources for the greater good…”

And one of his policy objectives is to lift at least 50 million people out of extreme poverty by 2015, ensure that our economic empowerment and poverty eradication strategies are coherent and consistent with the strategies to implement  the SGDs and Work more closely with NGOs, the private sector and other development to mobilize resources for the effective implementation of our empowerment strategy by Providing skill acquisition opportunities and enterprise development for job and wealth creation, rather than direct cash distribution and also improve citizens  access to basic infrastructure services- water, sanitation, power, education, and health care.

  1. HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT– To tackle issues like gender equality, HDI Investments, senior citizens welfare, science and technology, education, health, job creation and special interventions to support the marginalized and vulnerable groups including people with physical disabilities.

“ I will like to see a country where our people live and work in an environment that guarantees the highest level of social empowerment”


  1. EDUCATION– With an objective policy to improve and strengthen the education system to make it more efficient, more accessible, more qualitative and relevant and promote a “Catch-them-young” approach to skill development by developing and promoting Science and Technical Education to create skills for the new Economy and also improve access to qualitative as well as industry-relevant education with access, equity, and quality receiving prominent attention.

“I truly believe that an educated population forms the backbone for a progressive and prosperous society…education is the key to unlocking opportunity, prosperity and progress… education can and should be this key” He quotes.

  1. HEALTH– And some of the ways he plans to achieve this to ensure a comprehensive reform of the Federal Ministry of Health and its agencies, accelerate Nigeria’s transition to affordable and quality healthcare services for all by 20130, expand access to basic primary healthcare, unlock market potential of the health sector by engaging the private sector.

“No country can truly have sustainable development without strong healthy citizens to drive that process. It is therefore the fundamental right of every Nigerian, no matter where they live, to have unrestricted access to optimal and affordable health delivery service” He quotes.

  1. YOUTH AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT– Some of the policy objectives for this are to Promote equal access to job and education opportunities between men and women, Create an environment that provides employment and fulfillment to our youth and women population through education, mentorship, vocational training, and technology and entrepreneurship initiatives and also Set standards that discourage the unfair exploitation and persecution of women in our society.

And the plan is to Provide microfinance and financing schemes specifically targeted at youth and women, Increase women representation and retention rates in politics and business, through positive action such as quotas for women on political platform and corporate boards, Increase the number of appointment made to young people in government and in government committees, and finally Create special tribunal for crimes against women including domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, rape. And he quotes


“The youths are our assets…I still have the same convictions today that our focus for the Nigeria youth s must remain jobs, quality education, and security. This is priority” and “Breaking barriers that prevent women from reaching their best potentials start with early interventions in life and works for every woman, irrespective of whether she lives in the rural village, a lawmaker in the city, or the CEO of a multinational company…”

And Finally on the GOVERNANCE Outline the government of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar is anchored on four points which are ACCOUNTABILITY, PREDICTABILITY, PARTICIPATION AND TRANSPARENCY  and he said “The Nigeria of our dreams requires cosmopolitan politic and an all-inclusive governance structure with the essential capacity to harness our diversity in a just and fair environment where the rights of citizens are protected by a transparent government that is not just deliberate and purposeful but conscious of its duty to the citizens and its role and prestige in global affairs.”

Among the GOVERNANCE outline he also talked about some key issues like RESTRUCTURING “All who support the calls for restructuring our federation are united in their desire to live in a society that works better and works for its people. They are also united by their love for their country, their patriotism. Those who do not love their country would just want it to break up; they would not be interested in making Nigeria work better”, NATIONAL SECURITY “Our national security is multi-dimensional. It has gone beyond armed defense to include protection of democratic and constitutional values like food security, peace, human, political and economic security. Resolving the unfair access to democratic dividends to reduce internal armed conflicts, insurgencies, crimes and militancy,”, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND ANTI-CORRUPTION AND RULE OF LAW.

The DG made it known that After going through all this indeed he came to realize that His Excellency Atiku Abubakar is the visionary kind of leader who knows and feels the challenges Nigeria is facing and he is here to create a level playing ground for everyone no matter the region, religion, sex or class for the sake of National unity, security and prosperity.  And Finally he was left with no more questions to ask but to sincerely urge his members  and Nigerians all over to support this vision driven, economic minded and idealistic leader who is ready to work towards good governance, representing the interest of the masses and practicing politics of inclusiveness that will reduce citizens ‘frustration and alienation’.  “I see Nigeria taking the path that took China years ago to where it is today in the world economy, if and only if His Excellency Atiku will stand on his pledge to Nigerians and work with this wonderful and thoughtful approach of GET NIGERIA WORKING AGAIN which i strongly believe he will, then Nigeria will no more be that country with increasing rate of poverty and unemployment or where it citizens legally or illegally struggle to leave the country in search of greener pastures. But rather a nation where nations will like to settle in and collaborate with because of the kind of enabling and hospitable environment that will be set up for the benefit our economic growth and sustainability.” The DG in his final remarks quote.


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