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The entire management and Board of SAY YES TO MY NEEDS wish to sincerely apologize for the delay of disbursement to those of our members who have not benefit from our MEDDA (Mobilization for Empowerment and Defence of Democratic Agenda)project Nationwide yet, due to some sponsorship challenges and arrangements. We understand your grievances these periods through your comments on social media and calls to our office; please accept our sincerest apologies of the highest regards as we are still working earnestly to meet up with our MISSION which is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and Developing Human Capacity in Nigeria.

But please remember this SYTOMNM NEWS Editor’s Note for MEDDA project nationwide launching

“What we hope to achieve with this project is to MOBILIZE unemployed Nigerians seeking empowerment without any sentiments in our tens of millions and come out to DIALOGUE with the government to introduce a SOCIAL WELFARE in form of FINANCIAL GRANTS To every unemployed Nigerian. This is a very achievable and will work fine because we are in a Democratic dispensation where DIALOGUE is key to resolving all issues and can bring about desirable change, and as you are quite aware DEMOCRACY is a system of government where majority forms the government of the day. When we properly come together as Nigerian and in our great numbers there is very little we cannot achieve.

  Nigerians are highly spirited people who can actualize whatever it is they set out to get talk-less of a common WELFARE package that is being enjoyed by other Citizens in the world , when Nigeria have enough human and natural resources. But the problem is because we have never stood up to affirmatively demand to be served our rights, which is one of the issues our MEDDA (Mobilization for Empowerment and Defence of Democratic Agenda) project Nationwide seeks to address for every Nigerian. And we are gradually positioning and articulating our aims and objectives of FINANCIALLY EMPOWERING Nigerians to the government which we believe are realistic and plausible”.

It is also in line with this struggle to demand for the SOCIAL WELFARE of Nigerians that SAY YES TO MY NEEDS MEDDA PROJECT is collaborating with NIGERIAN CITIZENS GOOD GOVERNANCE INITIATIVE to host a National Conference on the 26th of January 2019 in Abuja with all the PDP candidates/flag bearers in the 36 States of the federation including FCT on behalf of our members and Nigerians. This event is set to create the avenue for presidential aspirants to talk to the grassroots about their manifestos, speak about their policies and how they will bring over 50 million Nigerian Youths, Women and Senior Citizens out of poverty. While on the other hand the grassroots get the chance to question, state clearly their interest, demand for their social welfare and also reach for a concrete agreement with the aspirants before voting them in.

With this we hope you understand the reasons for our delay and the position we are in. Please we humbly appeal that you bear with us and give us your maximum support to DIALOGUE with the government in our upcoming EVENT to speed up and actualize our purpose and struggle for the SOCIAL WELFARE of every Nigerian.

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